Plane Curves
  Cycloid on line
  Epi- and Hypocycloids
  Conchoid of Nicomedes
  Curves of Constant Width
  Logarithmic Spiral
  Archimedean Spiral
  Lissajous Curve
  Nephroid of Freeth
  Sine Curve
  User Plane Curve (parametric)
  User Plane Curve (parametric polar)
  User Plane Curve (by curvature)

Space Curves
  Torus Knot
  Cinquefoil Knot
  Granny Knot
  Square Knot
  Figure 8 Knot
  Viviani (parametric)
  Spherical Cycloid
  Spherical Ellipse
  Curves of Constant Curvature
  Curves of Constant Torsion
  User Space Curve (parametric)
  User Space Curve (curvature & torsion)


  Parametric Surfaces
    Hyperboloid 1-Sheet
    Hyperboloid 2-Sheet
    Hyperbolic Paraboloid
    Lissajous Surface
    Monkey Saddle
    Whitney Umbrella
    Right Conoid
    General Conoid
    Norm One Surface Family
    Snail Shell Surface
    Dirac Belt
    Doubly Hopf Fibered Tori
    Bianchi Pinkall Tori
    User Surface (parametric)

  Surfaces of Curvature K=1
    (K=1)-Family of Revolution
    (K=1)-Family of Helicoids
    Sievert-Enneper (K=1)

  Minimal Surfaces
    Enneper (Cartesian)
    Enneper (Polar)
    Kusner (Dihedral Symmetric)
    Helicoid from Weierstrass
    Wavy Enneper
    Planar Enneper
    Double Enneper
    Scherk's Saddle Tower
    Skewsymmetric K-Noid
    Symmetric K-Noid
    Lopez-Ros No-Go
    Riemann's Minimal Family
    Rectangular Tori, Gauss Map = P/P'
    Rectangular Tori, Gauss Map = JE
    Fence Of Catenoids (joined by handles)
    Costa-Hoffman-Meeks Family
    Chen-Gackstatter Family
    Schwarz' P-D Family
    A. Schoen's CLP Family
    A. Schoen's Gyroid
    Schwarz' H Family (Triangular Catenoids)
    Lidinoid (in H Family)
    Other Triangular Catenoids

  Pseudospherical Surfaces
    Dini Surface Family
    Kuen Surface
    Breather (Parametric)
    1-Soliton (Parametric)
    2-Soliton (Parametric)
    3-Soliton (Parametric)
    Breather Plus Soliton

  Non-Orientable Surfaces
    Möbius Strip
    Klein Bottle
    Steiner Surface
    Cross Cap
    Boy's Surface (BryantKusner)

  Implicit Surfaces
    Hyperboloid 1-Sheet
    Hyperboloid 2-Sheet
    Dupin Cyclides
    Cross Cap
    Boy's Surface
    Steiner Roman Surface
    Whitney Umbrella
    Cayley Cubic
    Clebsch Cubic
    Kummer Quartic
    Genus 2
    Genus 5
    Ortho Circles
    Join of Two Tori
    User Implicit Surface

Conformal Maps
  z --> z^x
  z --> 1/(z - a)
  z --> Sine(z)
  Nonconformal: z --> conj(z) + a z^2
  z --> 1/z + z
  z --> (z + c)/(1 + conj(c)z)
  z --> a z^b + b z
  z --> exp((a+ib) z)
  Weierstrass p Function
  User Conformal Map

  Hexahedron (Cube)
  Rhombic Dodecahedron

  Mandelbrot Set
  Koch Curve
  Koch Escher version
  Dragon Curve
  Hilbert Curve
  Sierpinski Curve


  ODE(1D) 1st Order
    Mass Action
    User ODE 1D 1st Order

  ODE(1D) 2nd Order
    Harmonic Oscillator
    User ODE 1D 2nd Order

  ODE(2D) 1st Order
    Volterra Lotka Equation
    van der Pol
    User ODE 2D 1stOrder (Autonomous)
    User ODE 2D 1stOrder (Non-Autonomous)

  ODE(2D) 2nd Order
    Coupled Oscillators
    Forced Oscillators
    Foucault Pendulum
    User ODE 2D 2ndOrder (Autonomous)
    User ODE 2D 2ndOrder (Non-Autonomous)

  ODE(3D) 1st Order
    User ODE 3D 1stOrder (Autonomous)
    User ODE 3D 2ndOrder (Non-Autonomous)

  ODE(3D) 2nd Order
    Coupled Oscillators
    Forced Oscillators
    User ODE 3D 2ndOrder (Autonomous)
    User ODE 3D 2ndOrder (Non-Autonomous)

  Central Force
    Power Law
    Hooke's Law
    User Central Force

  Charged Particles
    Constant Magnetic Field
    Current in Straight Wire
    Toroidal Magnetic Field
    Magnetic Dipole
    User Magnetic Field