GLPBuffer Test

This program was created to be a simplified version of 3D-XplorMath-J. It
allows the user to easily compare the rendering performance of the GLPbuffer
to that of the GLJPanel. The program was written to demonstrate the work by
Josh Davis and Keenan Simons on the integration of OpenGL graphics into the
3D-XplorMath-J project. Here is a Java WebStart link that will run the simple
3D surface viewer application:

Run 3D Surface Viewer with WebStart

An applet version is also available:

3D Surface Viewer Applet

This application uses JOGL, the Java implementation of the OpenGL graphics
API. WebStart is a utility for downloading Java programs over the Internet and
running them. When the program runs, you might be asked to "trust" a certificate
from Sun Microsystems, which provides the JOGL libraries.

The program lets you view and manipulate several three-dimensional surfaces.
You can rotate the surface by clicking-and-dragging with the left mouse button.
Use the right mouse button to drag the surface around. Drag with the middle mouse
button (or left mouse with the ALT or option key) to zoom in and out.

By default, surfaces are drawn in a GLJPanel component. The program can also
display the surfaces in a standard JPanel, using a GLPbuffer to do the OpenGL
rendering. You can switch between these two rendering modes using a command in
the "Options" menu. This allows you to compare the performance of the two

You can use the following link to download the source code:

Zip file with Viewer source code

(Note that to run the program, you also need the JOGL libraries.)