Final Remarks

This final section is devoted to version dependent information, plans for future enhancements, etc. It is current as of Version 10.8, January 2013.

This program is still under development, and we would greatly appreciate comments, criticisms, and suggestions. Please email any comments to


Of course if you want to tell me you find the program interesting, useful, or amusing we will be happy to hear that. But we arereally much more interested in knowing what you do not like about it, bugs you have encountered, difficulties you have found in using it, or parts of the documentation or the user interface that you consider to be confusing. II will take all such suggestions seriously, and try to fix any problems that are brought to my attention. I am also interested in any suggestions for new "categories" to be added to 3D-XplorMath's repertory, any particularly interesting pre-programmed to be added to those of an already existing category, and any "features" you feel would improve the program. (But, of course "creeping featuritis" has spoiled many a good program, so we won't promise to add everybody's favorite idea.)

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