Class Weierstrass_p

  extended by vmm.core.Exhibit
      extended by vmm.core3D.Exhibit3D
          extended by vmm.conformalmap.ConformalMap
              extended by vmm.conformalmap.Weierstrass_p
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, javax.swing.event.ChangeListener, Decorateable, Parameterizable

public class Weierstrass_p
extends ConformalMap

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argumentGrid, CARTESIAN, FRACTIONAL, gridTypeSelect, IDENTITY, INVERSION, POINTS_PER_INTERVAL, pointsOnCircleFigure, pointsOnLineFigure, pointsOnLineSegmentFigure, POLAR, POLARCONFORMAL, SQRROOT, umax, umin, ures, valueGrid, vmax, vmin, vres
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decorations, exhibitNeedsRedraw, isMorphing, morphingView, parameters, previousTransform
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void computeDrawData3D(View3D view, boolean exhibitNeedsRedraw, Transform3D previousTransform3D, Transform3D newTransform3D)
          Overridden to compute half of the data as a transformation of the data for the first half.
protected  void doDraw3D(java.awt.Graphics2D g, View3D view, Transform3D transform)
          This is overridded to draw the two halves of the data separately, only one of them in color.
protected  Complex function(Complex argument)
          The function that is to be graphed, to be supplied by any concrete subclass.
protected  Complex gridMap(double u, double v)
          Finds the input grid point corresponding to (u,v).
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Constructor Detail


public Weierstrass_p()
Method Detail


protected void computeDrawData3D(View3D view,
                                 boolean exhibitNeedsRedraw,
                                 Transform3D previousTransform3D,
                                 Transform3D newTransform3D)
Overridden to compute half of the data as a transformation of the data for the first half. The first half of the data is computed by solving an ODE, stepping through the array. The second half is then computed from the first half by a symmetry of the function, and is stored in a separate set of value/argument arrays.

computeDrawData3D in class ConformalMap
view - the 3D View where the Exhibit is about to be drawn.
exhibitNeedsRedraw - if true, then something about the Exhibit has changed that probably requires recomputation of cached data. For example, this is set to true when one of the Parameters of the Exhibit has changed since the previous redraw.
previousTransform3D - the Transform3D that was used the last time this exhibit was drawn. This can be null, if this is the first time that the Exhibit is being drawn (in 3D).
newTransform3D - the transform that will be used to draw the Exhibit during the current drawing operation. This parameter and the previousTransform3D parameter are provided so that the Exhbit can detect those rare cases where cached data exists that depends on the transform. Most Exhibits will just ignore the transform parameters.


protected void doDraw3D(java.awt.Graphics2D g,
                        View3D view,
                        Transform3D transform)
This is overridded to draw the two halves of the data separately, only one of them in color. The colored part is where the ODE is solved, the other part needs a few extra lines. This is done by calling super.doDraw3D() twice, and swapping in the second half of the data before calling it the second time.

doDraw3D in class ConformalMap
g - the graphics context where the exhibit is being drawn.
view - The View3D in which the exhibit is being drawn. In general, it is advisable to use the view for all drawing operations.
transform - The transform that is being used to draw the exhibit.


protected Complex gridMap(double u,
                          double v)
Description copied from class: ConformalMap
Finds the input grid point corresponding to (u,v). For a Cartesian grid, this is just (u,v) itself. For a polar grid, it is (u*cos(v),u*sin(v)). For a polar conformal grid, it is (exp(u)*cos(v),exp(u)*sin(v)) which is the same as exp(u+iv).

gridMap in class ConformalMap


protected Complex function(Complex argument)
Description copied from class: ConformalMap
The function that is to be graphed, to be supplied by any concrete subclass.

Specified by:
function in class ConformalMap