Class Rossler

  extended by vmm.core.Exhibit
      extended by vmm.core3D.Exhibit3D
          extended by vmm.ode.ODE_3D
              extended by vmm.ode.firstorder3D.ODE1stOrder3D
                  extended by vmm.ode.firstorder3D.Rossler
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, javax.swing.event.ChangeListener, Decorateable, Parameterizable

public class Rossler
extends ODE1stOrder3D

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class vmm.ode.ODE_3D
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class vmm.ode.ODE_3D
addAnimateCheckBoxontrolPanel, addLinesCheckBoxontrolPanel, addOrbitTypesToControlPanel, anaglyphIsDefault, canShowVectorField, dtDefault, initialDataDefault, inputLabelNames, isAutonomous, ORBIT_TYPE_BOTH, ORBIT_TYPE_EULER, ORBIT_TYPE_RUNGE_KUTTA, showAxes, timeSpanDefault
Fields inherited from class vmm.core3D.Exhibit3D
defaultViewpoint, defaultViewUp, previousTransform3D
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decorations, exhibitNeedsRedraw, isMorphing, morphingView, parameters, previousTransform
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 View getDefaultView()
          Returns a view of type ODE_3D.ODEView.
protected  double xPrime(double x, double y, double z)
          Defines the x-component of the vector field.
protected  double yPrime(double x, double y, double z)
          Defines the y-component of the vector field.
protected  double zPrime(double x, double y, double z)
          Defines the z-component of the vector field.
Methods inherited from class vmm.ode.firstorder3D.ODE1stOrder3D
makeDefaultMouseTask, nextEulerPoint, nextRungeKuttaPoint
Methods inherited from class vmm.ode.ODE_3D
doDraw, extractPointFromData, getCreateAnimation, screenPointTo3DPoint, vectorField_x, vectorField_y
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computeDrawData3D, computeDrawDataHook, doDraw3D, doDrawHook, getDefaultTransform, getDefaultViewpoint, getDefaultViewUp, setDefaultViewpoint, setDefaultViewUp
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addChangeListener, addDecoration, addExtraXML, addParameter, addView, clearDecorations, computeDrawData, fireExhibitChangeEvent, forceRedraw, getActionsForView, getAdditionalAnimationsForView, getAlternativeViews, getBuildAnimation, getDecorations, getDefaultBackground, getDefaultForeground, getDefaultWindow, getFramesForMorphing, getMorphingAnimation, getName, getParameterByName, getParameters, getSettingsCommandsForView, getTitle, getUseFilmstripForMorphing, getViews, parameterChanged, readExtraXML, removeChangeListener, removeDecoration, removeParameter, removeView, render, setDefaultBackground, setDefaultForeground, setDefaultWindow, setDefaultWindow, setFramesForMorphing, setName, setUseFilmstripForMorphing, stateChanged
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Constructor Detail


public Rossler()
Method Detail


public View getDefaultView()
Description copied from class: ODE_3D
Returns a view of type ODE_3D.ODEView.

getDefaultView in class ODE_3D


protected double xPrime(double x,
                        double y,
                        double z)
Description copied from class: ODE1stOrder3D
Defines the x-component of the vector field.

Specified by:
xPrime in class ODE1stOrder3D


protected double yPrime(double x,
                        double y,
                        double z)
Description copied from class: ODE1stOrder3D
Defines the y-component of the vector field.

Specified by:
yPrime in class ODE1stOrder3D


protected double zPrime(double x,
                        double y,
                        double z)
Description copied from class: ODE1stOrder3D
Defines the z-component of the vector field.

Specified by:
zPrime in class ODE1stOrder3D