Class TorusKnot

  extended by vmm.core.Exhibit
      extended by vmm.core3D.Exhibit3D
          extended by vmm.spacecurve.SpaceCurve
              extended by vmm.spacecurve.parametric.SpaceCurveParametric
                  extended by vmm.spacecurve.parametric.TorusKnot
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, javax.swing.event.ChangeListener, Decorateable, Parameterizable

public class TorusKnot
extends SpaceCurveParametric

Defines a torus knot -- a curve that wraps around the surface of a torus. The axis of the torus is the z-axis, and the cross section of the torus can be elliptical. A TorusKnot can show the torus as a "dot cloud torus."

Nested Class Summary
 class TorusKnot.TorusKnotView
          Adds to a generic SpaceCurveParametricView the ability to show a "cloud torus" on whose surface the curve lies.
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class vmm.spacecurve.parametric.SpaceCurveParametric
SpaceCurveParametric.SpaceCurveParametricView, SpaceCurveParametric.SpaceCurveParametricViewAsTube
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class vmm.spacecurve.parametric.SpaceCurveParametric
tmax, tmin, tResolution, tube, tubeSides, tubeSize, tVals
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defaultViewpoint, defaultViewUp, previousTransform3D
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decorations, exhibitNeedsRedraw, isMorphing, morphingView, parameters, previousTransform
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 View getDefaultView()
          Returns a View of type SpaceCurveParametric.SpaceCurveParametricView as the default view of this curve.
protected  Vector3D value(double t)
          Returns a point (x(t), y(t), z(t)) on the curve, given a value of t.
Methods inherited from class vmm.spacecurve.parametric.SpaceCurveParametric
computeDrawData3D, deriv1, deriv2, doDraw3D, geographicCoordinates, getActionsForView, getAlternativeViews, getBuildAnimation, getCenterOfPoints, getCreateAnimation, getT, getTResolution, makePoints, makeRepereMobile
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getPoint, getPointCount
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Constructor Detail


public TorusKnot()
Method Detail


protected Vector3D value(double t)
Description copied from class: SpaceCurveParametric
Returns a point (x(t), y(t), z(t)) on the curve, given a value of t. The return value can be null, indicating a break in the curve. Subclasses must define this method to specify a particular curve.

Specified by:
value in class SpaceCurveParametric


public View getDefaultView()
Description copied from class: SpaceCurveParametric
Returns a View of type SpaceCurveParametric.SpaceCurveParametricView as the default view of this curve. In this view, the curve appears as a curve.

getDefaultView in class SpaceCurveParametric