Class SurfaceImplicit.Line3D

  extended by vmm.surface.implicit.SurfaceImplicit.Line3D
Enclosing class:

public class SurfaceImplicit.Line3D
extends java.lang.Object

A line in R^3: decribed by its direction (Vector3D direction;), a unit vector, and its intercept, (Vector3D intercept;), which is where the line intersects the plane through the origin normal to direction (this is also the point on the line that is nearest to the origin. The line has the parametric equation: point(t) = intercept + t * direction .

Constructor Summary
SurfaceImplicit.Line3D(Vector3D intrcpt, Vector3D drctn)
Method Summary
 Vector3D parametricEquation(double t)
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Constructor Detail


public SurfaceImplicit.Line3D(Vector3D intrcpt,
                              Vector3D drctn)
Method Detail


public Vector3D parametricEquation(double t)