Class ConstCurvOneHelicoids

  extended by vmm.core.Exhibit
      extended by vmm.core3D.Exhibit3D
          extended by vmm.surface.Surface
              extended by vmm.surface.parametric.SurfaceParametric
                  extended by vmm.surface.parametric.ConstCurvOneHelicoids
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, javax.swing.event.ChangeListener, Decorateable, Parameterizable

public class ConstCurvOneHelicoids
extends SurfaceParametric

Defines a 2-parameter surface family of constant Gaussian curvature K=1 with screw motion symmetry

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class vmm.surface.parametric.SurfaceParametric
Fields inherited from class vmm.surface.Surface
data, uPatchCount, vPatchCount
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defaultViewpoint, defaultViewUp, previousTransform3D
Fields inherited from class vmm.core.Exhibit
decorations, exhibitNeedsRedraw, isMorphing, morphingView, parameters, previousTransform
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void createData()
          Before createData() executes, constants and array are redone
 ActionList getAdditionalAnimationsForView(View view)
          This method returns a list of ActionItem that will be added to the Animation menu of the 3dxm applicaiton.
protected  Vector3D midpointODEstep(double tInitial, double tFinal, Vector3D initialVal, int numSubdivision)
          This solves the ODE of the transversal curve from tInitial to tFinal
 void parameterChanged(Parameter param, java.lang.Object oldValue, java.lang.Object newValue)
          Overrides to set needsNewArray
 void redoConstantsAndArray()
 Vector3D surfacePoint(double u, double v)
          The parametric equations that define the surface, given as a function from the uv-plane into R3.
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addExtraXML, deriv_u, deriv_v, gaussMap, getActionsForView, readExtraXML, removeView, surfaceNormal
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computeDrawData3D, doDraw3D, getBuildAnimation, getDefaultOrientation, getDefaultView, setDefaultOrientation
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computeDrawDataHook, doDrawHook, getDefaultTransform, getDefaultViewpoint, getDefaultViewUp, setDefaultViewpoint, setDefaultViewUp
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Constructor Detail


public ConstCurvOneHelicoids()
Method Detail


public void parameterChanged(Parameter param,
                             java.lang.Object oldValue,
                             java.lang.Object newValue)
Overrides to set needsNewArray

Specified by:
parameterChanged in interface Parameterizable
parameterChanged in class Exhibit
param - The Parmeter whose value has been set.
oldValue - The previous value of the parameter.
newValue - The new, current value of the parameter. This is not necessarily guaranteed to be different from the old value (although it is for parameters definedin the VMM core).
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protected void createData()
Before createData() executes, constants and array are redone

createData in class SurfaceParametric


public void redoConstantsAndArray()


public ActionList getAdditionalAnimationsForView(View view)
Description copied from class: Exhibit
This method returns a list of ActionItem that will be added to the Animation menu of the 3dxm applicaiton. The values in the list should ordinarily be commands (i.e. AbstractActionVMM) that run animations (although there is no way to enforce this restriction). These animations commands are in addition to the standard "Morph" and "Cyclic Morph" commands. Note that these commands are added to those returned by View.getAdditionalAnimations().

In this top-level Exhibit class, the return value is a an empty list (but not null). In general, when overriding this method, subclasses should call "super.getAdditionalAnimationsForView()" to obtain a list of actions from the superclass. It can then add additional actions or remove or disable actions that are in the list from the superclass.

getAdditionalAnimationsForView in class Exhibit
view - The view in which the animations will be run.


public Vector3D surfacePoint(double u,
                             double v)
Description copied from class: SurfaceParametric
The parametric equations that define the surface, given as a function from the uv-plane into R3. The return value of this function can be null, indicating that the function is undefined for the given u and v.

Specified by:
surfacePoint in class SurfaceParametric


protected Vector3D midpointODEstep(double tInitial,
                                   double tFinal,
                                   Vector3D initialVal,
                                   int numSubdivision)
This solves the ODE of the transversal curve from tInitial to tFinal