The 3DFS Consortium

Copyright and Licensing Information

3D-XplorMath was designed and programmed by Richard Palais and Hermann Karcher. Adriaan van Os ported the code to the FPC so that 3D-XplorMath survived the termination of Rosetta. All rights are reserved.

Anyone having a copy of the full 3D-XplorMath distribution from one of the authorized ftp sites is authorized to make copies of it to give to others. The full distribution may be also be placed on LAN servers of non-profit educational and research organizations. (However, please always make available the full distribution folder, including all the documentation and examples.)

If you receive this program as above, then you are welcome to use it for non-commercial personal use, and also for research and educational purposes in a non-profit academic setting.

If you would lilke to make arrangements for using the program for some commercial or for-profit purpose, please contact the copyright holders to make appropriate licensing arangements.

The 3DFS Consortium is an international volunteer group of mathematicians that has assumed responsibility for the further development of 3D-XplorMath. Their efforts to improve the program as a tool for curriculum enhancement is supported by a CCLI Grant from the US National Science Foundation.