Karcher JE Saddle Towers

The documentation pages contain various background information about the program. If you don't read documentation, go ahead, try the program first. But then please come back and have a look at the

Road-guideTo The Documentation

You may be surprised!

If you are just looking for a special term or an object, try the

The program documentation is split into three parts or levels.

The first part, Level I: The Basics, explains just the minimum a user needs to know to be able to use the program effectively.

The second part, .Level II: The Details, describes the various categories of mathematical objects that the 3D-XplorMath deals with and tells a little bit about the way the program creates visual representations of the objects of each category. It also discusses in some detail the menus and the other user interface elements of the program.

The third part, Level III: The Gruesome Technicalities, is directed at those who already have some expertise in mathematical visualization and would like to know more details concerning the implementation of the program.

Finally there are several Appendices that deal with matters of acknowledgement and copyright as well aa short essay on what mathematical visualization is all about, its relation to mathematical art, and how it differs from other areas of computer graphics.