Package vmm.core3D

Interface Summary
UserExhibit3D An interface that should be implemented by a user exhibit that is a subclass of Exhibit3D.

Class Summary
Axes3D A Decoration that displays x-, y-, and z-axes in three-space.
BasicMouseTask3D A MouseTask that is designed to handle the most common cases of interaction with a three-dimensional Exhibit.
ComplexVector3D A 3D vector with components of type Complex named x, y, and z.
Exhibit3D An exhibit that can be rendered in 3D can be defined as a subclass of this class.
Grid3D A Grid3D represents a surface in three-space as an array of vectors.
GridTransformMatrix Represents an affine transform on real 3-space as a matrix; meant for use with Grid3D to represent transformations applied to a basic grid to produce additional segments of a complete surface.
LightSettings This class encapsulates the data associated with a lighting environment that will be used to implement Phong Lighting to illuminate a surface, using either Flat Shading (each patch has a constant color) or Phong Shading (each pixel gets its own color).
Set3DViewOptionsDialog A dialog for setting 3D view options (an eye separation multiplier that multiplies the inter-eye distance in all stereo views, and a choice of when anaglyph view mode should be used for an exhibit).
SetTransparencyDialog A dialog for setting a transparency level, which is constrained to be in the range 0 and 1.
SetViewpointDialog A dialog for setting the viewpoint, up direction, and clip distance.
StereoComposite This class provides support for "Anaglyph Stereo" rendering.
Transform3D A transform that encodes a 3D view of an exhibit and the projection of that view onto a 2D view plane.
UserExhibit3D.Support This subclass of UserExhibit.Support contains user data for a 3D user exhibit.
Vector3D A 3D vector with components of type double named x, y, and z.
View3D Extends the View class to support three-dimensional viewing.
View3DWithLightSettings A 3D view, with associated light settings.