Package vmm.core

Interface Summary
Animateable This interface is implemented by "Animateable" Parameters such as RealParamAnimateable.
Animation The common interface for two different types of animations, ThreadedAnimation and TimerAnimation.
Decorateable A simple interface implemented by objects that to which objects of type Decoration can be added.
Parameterizable This interface is to be implemented by objects that can have associated Parameters.
UserExhibit A UserExhbit is meant to be an Exhibit whose data is computed by one or more functions entered by the user.

Class Summary
AnimationLimitsDialog This class supports making a dialog where the user can set upper and lower limits on animated parameters.
Axes2D A pair of lines representing axes in the xy-plane.
BasicAnimator A BasicAnimator can animate one or more Animateable objects.
BasicMouseTask2D A BasicMouseTask2D is a MouseTask that allows the user to drag and zoom the 2D window that is used to draw the Exhibit in a display.
Complex A complex number, with a real and an imaginary part.
ComplexParam A parameter of type Complex.
ComplexParamAnimateable A parameter that has a Complex value and a start and end value to be used for animation.
ComplexVariableParam A Complex-valued parameter whose value is also the value of a ComplexVariable, as defined in the class vmm.functions.ComplexVariable.
ComplexVariableParamAnimateable A parameter that has an associated ComplexVariable that shares its value.
Decoration Decorations are extra visual components that can be added to an Exhibit, such as a set of axes or a solution curve of an ODE.
Display A Display is a canvas where a View can draw an Exhibit.
Exhibit An Exhibit represents a mathematical object that can be drawn on the screen.
Filmstrip A Filmstrip is just a sequence of images.
I18n This class implements internationalization by providing facilites for getting strings from properties files.
IntegerParam A parameter of type int.
LinearAlgebra The class LinearAlgebra provides more methods to the class Point2D
MouseTask A MouseTask can be installed in a Display to respond to a mouse gesture starting from a mouse press, through a sequence of mouse drags, and ending with a mouse release.
Parameter Represents a settable numeric parameter associated with another object, such as a View or Exhibit.
ParameterDialog Shows a dialog where the user can change the values of some Parameters.
ParameterInput An input box that lets the user enter a value for a Parameter.
Prefs Provides a simple mechanism for saving and retrieving user preferences, with a default implementation based on the standard package java.util.prefs.
Quaternion Represents an element of the set of quaternions.
RealParam A parameter of type Real.
RealParamAnimateable A parameter that has a real value and a start and end value to be used for animation.
SaveAndRestore Provides static methods for saving Exhibits and their associated Views to an XML file and for restoring an Exhbit and Views from such a file.
SettingsDialog An abstract base class that can be used as the basis for various settings dialogs.
SetXYWindowDialog A dialog box where the user can set the ranges of x and y values that will be visible.
TaskManager Provides parallization for a collection of tasks, where each task is an object of type Runnable.
TaskManager.Job Represents a job that consists of the execution of a number of tasks.
ThreadedAnimation An animation that runs in its own thread, separate from the Swing user interface thread.
TimerAnimation An animation that is driven by a Swing Timer.
Transform The transform that should be applied when an Exhibit is drawn.
TwoPointInput Meant for use as a "one-shot" mouse task that lets the user specify two points by clicking and dragging.
UserExhibit.FunctionInfo An object of type FunctionInfo holds information about one the functions, to be entered by the user, that compute the data for the user exhibit.
UserExhibit.Support An object of type UserExhibit.Support holds the information need for a user exhibit and provides some methods for manipulating that information.
UserExhibit.Support.ExtraPanel An object of type ExtraPanel can be added to the dialog box to get some extra data from the user.
Util Provides several static utility funtions that can be used in various places.
VariableParam A real-valued parameter whose value is also the value of a Variable, as defined in the class Variable.
VariableParamAnimateable An animateable parameter that has a real value and a start and end value to be used for animation.
View A View represents one of possibly several views of an Exhibit.

Exception Summary

Annotation Types Summary
VMMSave The annotation "@VMMSave" can be added to a declaration of a property variable in Exhibit, View, Transform, or Declaration class to indicate that the value of the property is to be saved by SaveAndRestore when it outputs an object that belongs to the class to a file.