Class DecoratedCurve.MMOView

  extended by vmm.core.View
      extended by vmm.planecurve.parametric.PlaneCurveParametric.PlaneCurveParametricView
          extended by vmm.planecurve.parametric.DecoratedCurve.MMOView
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, javax.swing.event.ChangeListener, Decorateable, Parameterizable
Enclosing class:

public static class DecoratedCurve.MMOView
extends PlaneCurveParametric.PlaneCurveParametricView

A trivial subclass of PlaneCurveParametricView that is needed to get the desired color effects during the create animation.

Field Summary
protected  boolean simplifyActionMenu
protected  ToggleAction useCloudToggle
Fields inherited from class vmm.core.View
backgroundCommands, buildAnimation, buildingImageForFilmstrip, currentGraphics, decorations, directOffscreenDrawing, fullOSI, needsRedraw, offscreenImageType, parameters, showAxesAction
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 ActionList getActions()
          Generates a list of "Action commands" that can be applied to this View.
 boolean getUseCloud()
          Tells whether grid lines are drawn in colors.
 void setUseCloud(boolean useCloud)
          Set whether to use a range of colors for the grid lines.
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getShowEvolute, setShowEvolute
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Field Detail


protected boolean simplifyActionMenu


protected ToggleAction useCloudToggle
Constructor Detail


public DecoratedCurve.MMOView()
Method Detail


public boolean getUseCloud()
Tells whether grid lines are drawn in colors.


public void setUseCloud(boolean useCloud)
Set whether to use a range of colors for the grid lines. The alternative is to draw them all using the view's foreground color. (This property is managed by a a checkbox.)


public ActionList getActions()
Description copied from class: View
Generates a list of "Action commands" that can be applied to this View. The commands must implement the ActionItem interface and will generally belong to one of the classes AbstractActionVMM, ToggleAction, ActionRadioGroup, or ActionList. Null items represent separators. The idea is that the list items will be added to a menu or otherwise presented to the user so that the user can invoke the commands (with ActionList items representing submenus). Null values can occur in the list; they are meant to become separaters in the menu.

Subclasses that override this method should generally call super.getActionss() and add their commands to the list retured by that method. This top-level View class does not define any Action commands; the return value is an empty non-null ArrayList.

getActions in class View