Class Cissoid

  extended by vmm.core.Exhibit
      extended by vmm.planecurve.PlaneCurve
          extended by vmm.planecurve.parametric.PlaneCurveParametric
              extended by vmm.planecurve.parametric.DecoratedCurve
                  extended by vmm.planecurve.parametric.Cissoid
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, javax.swing.event.ChangeListener, Decorateable, Parameterizable

public class Cissoid
extends DecoratedCurve

Defines a parametric Cissoid .

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class vmm.planecurve.parametric.DecoratedCurve
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class vmm.planecurve.parametric.PlaneCurveParametric
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class vmm.planecurve.parametric.DecoratedCurve
strokeSize, wantedColor
Fields inherited from class vmm.planecurve.parametric.PlaneCurveParametric
tmax, tmin, tResolution, tVals
Fields inherited from class vmm.planecurve.PlaneCurve
movingSquare, points, randomSquare
Fields inherited from class vmm.core.Exhibit
decorations, exhibitNeedsRedraw, isMorphing, morphingView, parameters, previousTransform
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void drawNeededStuff(java.awt.Graphics2D g, View view, Transform limits, double t)
 View getDefaultView()
          Overridden to return a view of type MMOView.
 double xValue(double t)
          Define the x-coordinate function x(t) = 2 aa t^3/(1 + t^2) for the curve.
 double yValue(double t)
          Define the y-coordinate function y(t) = 2 aa t^2/(1 + t^2) for the curve.
Methods inherited from class vmm.planecurve.parametric.DecoratedCurve
doDraw, getCreateAnimation, getStrokeSize, getWantedColor, setStrokeSize, setWantedColor
Methods inherited from class vmm.planecurve.parametric.PlaneCurveParametric
getActionsForView, getT, getTResolution, makePoints, myCircle, x2ndDerivativeValue, xDerivativeValue, y2ndDerivativeValue, yDerivativeValue
Methods inherited from class vmm.planecurve.PlaneCurve
computeDrawData, fillRandomSquare, getPoint, getPointCount, initializeMovingSquare, moveSquare
Methods inherited from class vmm.core.Exhibit
addChangeListener, addDecoration, addExtraXML, addParameter, addView, clearDecorations, computeDrawDataHook, doDrawHook, fireExhibitChangeEvent, forceRedraw, getAdditionalAnimationsForView, getAlternativeViews, getBuildAnimation, getDecorations, getDefaultBackground, getDefaultForeground, getDefaultTransform, getDefaultWindow, getFramesForMorphing, getMorphingAnimation, getName, getParameterByName, getParameters, getSettingsCommandsForView, getTitle, getUseFilmstripForMorphing, getViews, parameterChanged, readExtraXML, removeChangeListener, removeDecoration, removeParameter, removeView, render, setDefaultBackground, setDefaultForeground, setDefaultWindow, setDefaultWindow, setFramesForMorphing, setName, setUseFilmstripForMorphing, stateChanged
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public Cissoid()
Method Detail


public double xValue(double t)
Define the x-coordinate function x(t) = 2 aa t^3/(1 + t^2) for the curve.

Specified by:
xValue in class PlaneCurveParametric


public double yValue(double t)
Define the y-coordinate function y(t) = 2 aa t^2/(1 + t^2) for the curve.

Specified by:
yValue in class PlaneCurveParametric


public View getDefaultView()
Description copied from class: DecoratedCurve
Overridden to return a view of type MMOView.

getDefaultView in class DecoratedCurve


protected void drawNeededStuff(java.awt.Graphics2D g,
                               View view,
                               Transform limits,
                               double t)
Specified by:
drawNeededStuff in class DecoratedCurve